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PopClip brings iOS copy & paste back to the Mac

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PopClip brings iOS-style copy and paste functionality to Mac OS X.

PopClip Mac app
PopClip Mac app

The implementation of cut, copy, and paste found in iOS is generally thought of as best in class, but how would it translate to the desktop environment? A Mac app called PopClip answers that question by providing an experience virtually indistinguishable from Apple's mobile offering — lack of touch notwithstanding. Highlighting text results in a popover that allows users to cut, copy, paste, search for a given selection, or look up a definition via OS X's built-in dictionary. The UI can be resized according to preference, a feature we imagine may be appreciated by those with accessibility concerns.

It's a relatively elegant, simple utility and works as expected based on our brief trial. Keyboard shortcuts still prove faster, but PopClip may be worth a look for those that simply can't get enough iOS flavor. It's available now in the Mac App Store for $4.99, and a 150-use demo version can be had at Pilotmoon Software's website.