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Chrome and Firefox virtually tied in global browser marketshare, according to StatCounter

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According to StatCounter, Chrome pulled even with Firefox in the global browser market in November.

Chrome and Firefox logos
Chrome and Firefox logos

If StatCounter's numbers are to be believed, Chrome and Firefox are neck and neck for second place in the global browser market. StatCounter claims that Chrome had a 25.69 percent marketshare in November, just edging Firefox's 25.23 percent. While that technically moves Chrome into second place, trailing Internet Explorer's 40.63 percent marketshare, the margin of victory (and subsequently margin of error) is so slim that we need a few more months of data before calling this race. There's also the question of how accurate StatCounter's numbers are — Net Applications' November data puts Firefox at number two with 22 percent, compared to Chrome's 18 percent. However, both measurement firms agree on one thing: Chrome's marketshare grew rapidly this year while Firefox stayed idle. Net Applications measured Chrome marketshare at only 11 percent in January 2011, while StatCounter had Chrome at 15 percent. While it may be too soon to say Chrome's the number two browser, the story might be different in a few months.