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Over 13,000 computers hook into 120Gbps connection at DreamHack 2011 LAN party

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Nearly 21,000 gamers descended on DreamHack Winter 2011 in Sweeden last weekend to enjoy the world's largest LAN party and a 120Gbps connection.

DreamHack Winter 2011
DreamHack Winter 2011

Are you enough of a hardcore gamer to go to Sweden for a weekend-long LAN party? If you went, you would have been part of the world-record-breaking 13,010 unique devices (and almost 21,000 human participants in all) that showed up last weekend for DreamHack Winter 2011, the largest such party in the world. The event spanned four days and hosted all of those computers locally with a 120Gbps connection (fast enough to download a movie in 47 thousandths of a second), courtesy of Cisco and Telia. There's a collection of photos from the event at DreamHack's Flickr account showing the geeky game-obsessed madness — highlights include people sleeping at their computers and thousands of faces being lit up by the harsh glare of their LCDs.