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Google Wallet now built into some vending machines in NYC, SF, Chicago, and D.C.

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Cantaloupe Systems, a company that provides technology solutions for vending machines announced today that thousands of the vending machines it manages now support Google Wallet for contactless payments.

Google Wallet, the search giant's NFC-enabled smartphone-based contactless payment system, has had an infuriating rollout. After being revealed in May and launched in September, the service has expanded to more retailers, but it has been stuck on a single phone — Sprint's Nexus S 4G. If you can get your hands on that device, you'll be glad to hear that Cantaloupe Systems, which provides technology solutions for vending machines, and First Data, a Google Wallet partner and payment processing company, announced today that 6,000 of its 80,000 vending machines now support Google Wallet. In addition to contactless payments, Wallet brings with it an opportunity to redeem offers and coupons at the machines as well. As of now you should be able to find some compatible systems in the New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and D.C. metropolitan areas, with more coming soon.