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YouTube redesign adds better channels, all-new look

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YouTube's redesign is finally available to all users with a brand new homepage, a heavy focus on social with Facebook and Google+, and a heavy emphasis on Channels.

YouTube redesign preview
YouTube redesign preview

While a quick tweak let users enable the YouTube design early, the completely redesigned site is available now for everyone. You'll first notice the homepage has been completely reorganized into three columns that prominently feature your subscriptions along the left side. The center column initially shows all the latest videos from channels you've subscribed to, and the dark left column functions as a nav bar, so you can dive down into videos from your Google+ contacts and channels you've subscribed to. It's now much easier to quickly switch between your personal videos, likes, history, and Watch Later options, and they're all integrated in the top left of the page.

YouTube's pushing the social element hard, and interestingly, you can hook up your Facebook account — it's an opt-in option — to get more shared videos from your friends. In the redesign, the far right side has changed the least; it still shows Recommended videos. The new homepage design is clearly focused on helping users find new and personally relevant videos, and you'll see these design trends across the rest of the site as well. Individual video pages now let you subscribe to the content creator directly from the video; just tap the '+' symbol next to the video username to subscribe. Channel pages have been revamped as well, and whether you're Nike or someone filming recipes in your kitchen, you'll be able to more fully customize your channel design. We're especially glad to see Google has finally added multiple account support to YouTube. Just click your icon on the top right, select "switch account," and you'll be able to switch to your other Google accounts without having to completely sign out of YouTube.