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HTC Rezound headphone sound problems? HTC says they're not widespread

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Some Rezound owners are reporting issues with sound quality while using headphones, but HTC says the issue is isolated.

HTC Rezound
HTC Rezound

As reported by Droid Life and echoed by a number of the site's commenters, it appears that there may be some trouble with the headphone sound output on HTC's high-end Rezound — a bit ironic, perhaps, considering the device's Beats branding and focus on sound quality. The main symptom is said to be static that's loud enough to be disruptive, and it doesn't necessarily appear the first time you use the phone; some users have reported having the problem start after a week or longer.

For what it's worth, I didn't experience this issue at all during my time with the Rezound review unit, but HTC has issued a statement this afternoon saying that it has received a "very small number of calls" about it:

HTC has received a very small number of calls related to audio on the Rezound, but nothing that so far points to a broader issue. We're continuing to monitor it closely but currently believe the few calls we've received are isolated cases.

The company goes on to say that anyone experiencing the issue should simply call in to customer service for warranty repair, so it would appear that there's no systematic effort to fix a hardware or software problem at this point — but as HTC says, they're continuing to monitor it, and the situation could change if the problem becomes more pervasive. Rezound owners: have you experienced this?