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Never In a Million Years…. I thought.... i left windows


Never In a Million Gazillion years would I ever switch to Mac OS X, or so I thought. You see I was a devout Apple hater and Windows fanboy for years. From twitter to Facebook to online forums, I was a well known Windows Troll and a no doubt, Microsoft defender. This all changed when I decided to actually try out the OS I loved to loath and man did I fall head over heels for it.

It all started when I took up a new position in a up and coming graphic design firm in downtown Cincinnati. We all know this industry is known for its exclusive use of the Mac OS and I, coming from a business background, was well versed in Windows XP and 7 but had never used a Mac for more than a few minutes. That being said, to better prepare my self, I traded my Trusty Nexus One and some cash for a white Macbook running Snow Leopard. I thought to myself, “I’ll get my self familiar to the OS and then off it goes to craigslist”, needless to say, its never went to Craigslist and never will.

I fell in complete absolute love with Mac OS X. I loved the hardware, I loved the software and I loved the apps. From the UI to tiniest details that Apple never seems to ignore, this OS had blown me away. My Windows 7 laptop had twice the ram and a much better processor and yet this 3 year old laptop ran circles around it. I was shocked and frankly embarrassed. Embarrassed that I blindly bashed a product I had never even tried and embarrassed that my online Windows fanboy trolling had been muted by my own real life experiences.

I always thought Apple was the worst tech company in the biz for a number of reasons. But now, in a few short months, I’ve come to find that there not only the best, but also (After trying out OS X Lion), the most innovative forward thinking company of all time. They don’t give users what they think they want, they give users the features they don’t know they even need. Its not a revelation if people are asking for it, its a revelation when they don’t ask for it and yet it totally changes the way they think about computing.

I never in a million years thought I’d say this but…..I’ll never buy a Windows PC again. I’ve tried to switch back to my PC many times and its a very dull experience. Don’t get me wrong, my PC can do everything my Mac can do, however in a world where OS’s are feature matched, its all about execution and ease of operation and Apple has nailed this in every way. It sounds cliche, but I honestly feel the urge to be more creative on my Mac. Things like iPhoto and iMovie really make being creative simple and very easy on the eyes. The OS is executed in the most beautiful elegant way imaginable, its simple, clean and refined. So Much so, that I almost want to switch to iPhone from my trusty Android device, because OS X has set such a high bar for UI (thats a whole other post though).

Windows 8 demos looked very promising…. until they showed you the under belly of Windows 8, which looks exactly like Windows and what I am trying to get away from and what Mac OS X offers an alternative to. Microsoft has no direction whereas Apples moves seem to be very calculated, almost as if they can predict the future or rather just change its direction.

So this is it, this is my farewell to Windows and my apologies to Mac using friends. You were right and I was wrong.