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Sony's mind-blowing PlayStation Video Store ads simulate a holodeck

Sony's mind-blowing PlayStation Video Store ads simulate a holodeck


Sony's promoting its PlayStation Video Store with a simulated holodeck; amazing, imaginative videos combining head tracking, 3D projection mapping, live actors and steadicam technique for an augmented reality treat.

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Forget 3D monitors and head-mounted OLED displays — what we want Sony to build is a virtual reality experience like the one it's advertising in these three fantastic YouTube videos. Sony recruited creative agency Studio Output and the Marshmallow Laser Factory to build a series of viral films to advertise the PlayStation Video Store, and oh, the incredible footage they've made, combining the efforts of live actors with 3D projection mapping, head-tracking (with attached PlayStation Move controllers) and a steadicam for three augmented reality treats, each filmed in a single take.

Basically, what you're looking at is a 2D video of a virtual 3D environment projected onto a real-life scene, but because the camera's motion is tracked as it changes perspective (remember Johnny Chung Lee?) it can simulate a 3D holodeck to viewers of the scene. Best of all, you won't have to pay at the PlayStation Store to watch these films at high quality; each is available immediately below at 1080p.

Update: Some behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Flat-e, one of the many creative entities involved in the project.