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Sony's mind-blowing PlayStation Video Store ads simulate a holodeck

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Sony's promoting its PlayStation Video Store with a simulated holodeck; amazing, imaginative videos combining head tracking, 3D projection mapping, live actors and steadicam technique for an augmented reality treat.

Sony projection mapping holodeck 640
Sony projection mapping holodeck 640

Forget 3D monitors and head-mounted OLED displays — what we want Sony to build is a virtual reality experience like the one it's advertising in these three fantastic YouTube videos. Sony recruited creative agency Studio Output and the Marshmallow Laser Factory to build a series of viral films to advertise the PlayStation Video Store, and oh, the incredible footage they've made, combining the efforts of live actors with 3D projection mapping, head-tracking (with attached PlayStation Move controllers) and a steadicam for three augmented reality treats, each filmed in a single take.

Basically, what you're looking at is a 2D video of a virtual 3D environment projected onto a real-life scene, but because the camera's motion is tracked as it changes perspective (remember Johnny Chung Lee?) it can simulate a 3D holodeck to viewers of the scene. Best of all, you won't have to pay at the PlayStation Store to watch these films at high quality; each is available immediately below at 1080p.

Update: Some behind-the-scenes photos courtesy of Flat-e, one of the many creative entities involved in the project.