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Good Deal: Refurbished Apple iPad 2 starting at $419

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Apple's cut the discount on its refurbished iPad 2 models; a 16GB iPad 2 will set you back $419, $30 less than it was selling before, while 32GB and 64GB models are $100 off the price of a new model.

iPad 2 good deal
iPad 2 good deal

If you're hoping to find an iPad 2 for less than that magical $499 price, you don't have many options — but Apple's throwing you a rope with increased discounts on refurbished iPads. A 16GB iPad 2 will set you back $419, which is $30 less than it was selling for previously and $80 off a new model's price; refurbished 32GB and 64GB models are $100 off ($50 more than the previous discount).

We've used a number of refurbished Apple products over the years and the quality has been identical to new models, plus you get free shipping, the same one-year warranty as new products, and the option to purchase AppleCare. Due to limited stock, the available products on Apple's refurbished site can change rapidly — your best bet is to check first thing in the morning and pull out that credit card fast.