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New details emerge on RIM executives' unruly flight behavior

New details emerge on RIM executives' unruly flight behavior


New details have emerged on the extreme behavior of two RIM executives that disrupted a transcontinental flight to China.

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Last week, two Research In Motion executives disrupted a transcontinental flight to China, but details had been vague. CBC News has now obtained court documents that delve into the pair's in-flight shenanigans and.... well, those must have been some cocktails. According to the documents, George Campbell and Paul Alexander appeared to be under the influence when the Air Canada flight began, and after drinking, passing out, and waking up to drink more, the pair assaulted one flight attendant while threatening to punch another. They were then handcuffed with plastic restraints and tape — which they reportedly chewed their way out of. At one point, Campbell even warned other passengers that he would "off" them after the plane landed.

The pilots eventually diverted the flight to the Vancouver airport, with attendants and passengers restraining Campbell and Alexander for the final 80 minutes. The pair were each fined CA$35,878 after pleading guilty to mischief, and were given suspended sentences and probation for one year. Air Canada flew the other passengers out the following day, 18 hours behind schedule, and has reported that its losses for the diversion are close to CA$200,000.

For its part, RIM fired Campbell and Alexander earlier this week, saying in a statement that the company "does not condone behavior that conflicts with applicable laws and employees are expected to act, at all times, with integrity and respect."

Thanks, mrfairladyz; Image credit: russelljsmith (Flickr)