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On The Verge 002 teaser, full episode on Monday

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The full episode of On The Verge will be out on Monday, but in the meantime check out this little teaser.

Josh and John
Josh and John

The second episode of On The Verge was taped last night to wide appeal. If you couldn't make it out to NY, check out this little teaser, including a bit of Josh's chat with John Gruber, conjecturing on the future of Apple. Interestingly, John actually thinks Apple might get better at some of the little details of design with out Steve, but of course there's the bigger picture to consider. Stay tuned for the entire show on Monday, which includes our whole chat with Gruber, a tour of Microsoft's campus, and many more precious and spellbinding moments. You won't want to miss it.

Oh, and you can also watch this very same teaser on our YouTube page!