An Alternative to the Conspiracy theories of the Galaxy Nexus


Over the past few weeks, the blogosphere has loudly lamented the delays in launching the Galaxy Nexus in the US. The Date has been pushed back several times and now appears to be somewhere in mid december. This has left critics and fans stumped, Why would anybody want to keep such a good phone out of consumer's hands?

The community has developed several theories:

  1. Verizon is hell bent on promoting its DROID branding and doesn't want the Galaxy Nexus beating its "own" devices
  2. Verizon and Google are in conflict over the "pure" Google experience, and Verizon does not want to give up control of the device.
  3. Verizon makes more money from every DROID RAZR they sell than they would off of every Galaxy Nexus
  4. There are probably others too

Today we got a new statement from Verizon regarding Galaxy Nexus availability. The statement reads

"Rigorous device testing is part of our commitment to our customers. Verizon will not release a device until our highest standards have been met. We'll announce the launch of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung as soon as it's available."

I suspect that the culprit of the delays is really much simpler and less nefarious then many have suggested. I think that the device is delayed simply because of a software bug that needs to be fixed before launch or a critical software update that will be released very shortly. After all, Verizon is in the business of selling expensive phones and locking consumers into long contracts. I see no logic in them doing that on purpose if there is market demand.

What do you guys think?