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Google offers to restore iconic NASA blimp hangar

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Google's offered $33 million to revamp the historic Hangar One at Moffett Field, California, but NASA, who owns the building, hasn't responded.

Moffett Field Hangar One 1020
Moffett Field Hangar One 1020

If you've ever lived in California's Silicon Valley, chances are you know Hangar One at Moffett Field, a truly tremendous eight-acre structure designed to house military airships back in 1933. Now, the NASA-owned hangar is in disarray, because toxic chemicals were found leaking from its metal skin, which is currently being stripped from the steel girders in order to save the historical landmark. That's where Google comes in. The San Jose Mercury News reports that H211, the company that manages Google's fleet of private planes, is willing to pay the $33 million required to revamp the structure for good, in exchange for a huge chunk of floor space to store those aircraft. The thing is, NASA hasn't replied yet, and it's getting mighty late. Read all about the fate of the building at our source link.