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Drum machine T-shirt with mini-amp lays down the beat for $29.99

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ThinkGeek has a new interactive T-shirt — and it features an electronic drum machine. It's for sale now for $29.99.

Drum Machine T-Shirt
Drum Machine T-Shirt

ThinkGeek's got the perfect gift for that street performer in your life: an electronic drum machine T-shirt. The $29.99 shirt has nine different drum sets (everything from jazz to rock to chiptune) with seven pads each. To take advantage of all those sounds, you can loop up to three-minute-long tracks so you can lay down a beat and then increase the complexity of your tune. To top it all off, it comes with a hip-mountable amplifier that "goes to 11," you know, Spinal Tap-style — it's not the company's first instrumental shirt, believe it or not, but it might just be the coolest. The patent-pending (and machine-washable) shirt is for sale now at the source link, though it's currently backordered.