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Piezo brings app audio recording to the Mac App Store

Piezo brings app audio recording to the Mac App Store


Rogue Amoeba has released its first app into the Mac App Store, Piezo. The software replicates some of the functionality of the popular Audio Hijack Pro software, but bypasses restrictions that would prevent the older app being released in the same way.

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Rogue Amoeba has released its latest hack-like audio program for Mac OS X, Piezo. Similarly to Audio Hijack Pro or Ambrosia Software's Wiretap Studio, Piezo allows you to record the audio output from individual apps, as well as system audio or the internal mic. However, neither of these apps have made it through the rigorous requirements of the Mac App Store. Piezo's far less feature-rich than the other apps — the only real options are which audio source you use, the resulting file type, and where the recording is saved to — but its design is simple and easy to use, and the quality of the recordings is true to the original.

The company's founder Paul Kafasis told MacVoices that this feature disparity can be blamed on Apple's restrictions. He said that rather than creating a stripped-down, "castrated" version of Audio Hijack Pro, the company decided to "start from the ground up," to get past the system-level restrictions of the Mac App Store. The app costs $10 from either the Mac App Store or direct from Rogue Amoeba, but if you'd like to try it out first, a demo version which offers full-quality recording for 10 minutes is available from the developers.