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Samsung introduces 14-inch Series 5 Ultra, the first ultrabook with an optical disc drive

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Samsung has announced two new ultrabooks in the form of its 13- and 14-inch Series 5 Ultra laptops.

samsung series 5 ultrabook_640
samsung series 5 ultrabook_640

Samsung's Series 9 laptops were flirting with the ultrabook category before it even existed, but now the company has received Intel's blessing to dub its latest mobile computer an ultrabook officially. The Series 5 Ultra is the first among this new breed of laptops to offer a 14-inch screen, and its larger dimensions allow it to also be first to include an optical disc drive. Two models are being announced today, with the 14-incher measuring 20.9mm in thickness and the 13-inch variant (sans ODD) fitting into a depth of just 14.9mm. Both are encased in aluminum and include HDMI and Ethernet ports, plus SSD storage options or up to a terabyte of hard disk room. The smaller Series 5 Ultra caps the storage at 500GB and doesn't seem to have the same option for a Radeon HD 7550M GPU as its bigger brother, but at least both offer matte screens, just like the Series 7 Chronos.

The Korean release for the Series 5 Ultra laptops is set for late December at prices of 1.49 million won (about $1,300) for the 13-inch model and 1.54 million ($1,345) for the 14-inch machine. There's no indication of the particular Intel CPUs we can expect, but CES 2012 looks sure to be the platform from which this new range will launch unto the world, by which point we should have all the info and international pricing set.