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White Nokia N9 now on sale in Finland, other select countries

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The 64GB white Nokia N9, which was spotted in Finland last week, is now officially available for €560. The company's also announced a MeeGo 1.1.1 update that adds Arabic support for North Africa and the Middle East.

Nokia N9 white
Nokia N9 white

We spent some time with the white N9 when it was first shown at Nokia World back in October, and now the Finnish company has announced that it's finally available, joining the black, cyan, and magenta versions. The new model is priced at €560 (about $742), and comes with 64GB of internal memory. Aside from a gloss finish instead of matte, the white N9 is identical to the other versions, featuring 8-megapixel Carl Zeiss optics, a 3.9-inch AMOLED display, and an aging TI OMAP3630 SOC running at 1GHz. Nokia also announced a new MeeGo 1.1.1 update with Arabic support for users in North Africa and the Middle East. The white N9 is available right now, but like the other versions, it's not going to be easy to track down — while it's already been spotted in Finland, it will only be sold in a select few countries.