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Samsung sells 300m phones for the first time in its history

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Samsung announced it sold 300 million phones through November 2011, the first time the company has hit this sales number and a significant improvement over 2010's sales of 280 million phones.

Samsung 300m handsets sold
Samsung 300m handsets sold

Samsung's mobile phone division was already having a strong year, and now the company has announced it sold 300 million phones so far this year for the first time in history. Samsung blew past last year's sales of 280 million, and hit this milestone by the end of November, so final sales numbers could be quite a bit higher if the company has a good holiday season.While the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II line were standouts in Samsung's smartphone portfolio, with over 10 million sales, that still leaves millions of feature phones propping up the company's big year. The company's next challenge will be moving more users over to its high-end devices, like the Galaxy S III line we're likely to see next year.