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AdBlock Plus to let 'acceptable ads' through to users by default

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AdBlock Plus 2.0 will allow "acceptable ads" through to users by default, a move intended to promote the use of non-intrusive ads on websites.

AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus

Adblock Plus' website currently says that it will "block all ads automatically," but that won't be the case for much longer since version 2.0 of the browser plugin will begin to present "acceptable ads" to users. So what constitutes an acceptable ad? The developers say that they'll only be sending ads to users that don't contain animation or sound, that load no more than one script, and that are preferably text-only, but users can still disable all ads by opting-out manually in the plugin's preferences menu. While the move has inspired some bitter feelings and skepticism from some users, the the plugin's creators say that the change is being made for altruistic reasons — they say allowing select ads will fund websites that offer non-intrusive ads, reduce the harm of ad blocking for smaller websites, and make the web better in the long term.