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Microsoft introduces OneNote for iPad, updates iPhone version

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The iPad version of Microsoft's OneNote productivity / note-taking app was released today alongside an update for its iPhone counterpart.

Microsoft OneNote for iPad
Microsoft OneNote for iPad

Microsoft pushed out a native iPad version of the company's OneNote productivity app today along with enhancements to its existing iPhone counterpart. The popular note-taking utility allows users to create and edit documents on Apple's tablet, syncing them across devices via the cloud by way of Microsoft's SkyDrive. OneNote goes beyond simple text entry by offering checkboxes and bulleted items for easy composition of to-do lists, and photos can also be imported from the iOS camera roll to further personalize your work. A Windows Live ID is required to use the free-to-download app, though you'll only be able to create a total of 500 notes at no cost. An in-app purchase is required beyond that point, and is priced considerably higher on the iPad $14.99 as compared to $4.99 on the iPhone. A new tabbed interface is also included among the new features, along with expanded language support. OneNote is available now on the iPhone 3GS and newer models running iOS 4.3 or greater, as well as both iPads.

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