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Click Keypad Watch puts a numpad on your wrist

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A new watch by Click is essentially a numpad that tells the time by lighting up the appropriate numbers. It's not terribly convenient, but it's unique.

Click keypad watch
Click keypad watch

Numeric keypads have had a rough decade — the proliferation of laptop keyboards has all but turned the 18-key marvel into a dinosaur. Sure, there are those of us who rely on its number-punching skills to fill out Excel spreadsheets, but for your day-to-day computer user, it's just a thing of the past. If you've been missing the old number pad, Click has just what you're looking for: an absolutely massive numpad-inspired watch. It's called the Keypad Watch, and instead of using a screen, each key has a small LED that lights up in sequence to read out the time after you press any number (or the pound sign for the date). Unfortunately, there's no word if the watch uses scissor-switch action on its keys. The Keypad Watch is available in black, gray, white, blue, and brown and sells for $89.99 at Watchismo.