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Good Deal: Get a 16GB Kingston Wi-Drive for $59.99

Good Deal: Get a 16GB Kingston Wi-Drive for $59.99


Kingston's 16GB Wi-Drive is on sale today for $59.99

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If you've filled up every last bit of storage on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, that doesn't necessarily mean you need to clean out your collection or upgrade to a higher-capacity device: instead, you could pick up a Kingston Wi-Drive, whose 16GB variety is ready to beam movies and music to your device for $59.99. The battery-powered wireless storage peripheral was initially a little hard to recommend because it only worked with an iOS program — in other words, you won't be slinging videos and tunes to your Mac or PC — but now that it's $30 off the street price and you can find an Android tablet app, too, it's a much better deal. Find it at our source link below, where the 32GB version can also be had for $120.