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Sirius XM Internet Radio for iOS update lets you rewind programming up to five hours

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The Sirius XM Internet Radio iOS app has been updated with time-shifting features including the ability to go back in time up to five hours to listen to earlier programming and restart in-progress shows and songs.

SiriusXM iOS update screenshot
SiriusXM iOS update screenshot

Sirius XM Internet Radio's iOS app has been updated with the time-shifting capabilities promised in the Satellite 2.0 platform earlier this year, a feature already available on Slacker's radio service. The app lets you go back in time up to five hours to listen to earlier programming on any channel, and its DVR-like capabilities also let you restart in-progress shows and songs as well as pause live radio. You can also fast forward and rewind through previously aired programming and set alerts for favorite shows, but all of these features require an Internet Radio subscription, starting at $12.95 / month (or as a $3 add-on for satellite subscribers).

The updated Sirius XM Internet Radio app is currently available as a free download from the iTunes App Store, and it appears that Android users will once again be left hanging, as the company hasn't specified when an update will available for their devices.