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Google Chrome 16 adds multiple sign-in support for Chrome sync

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The Google Chrome 16 update adds multiple sign-ins to its Chrome sync feature, meaning it no longer requires you to sign out to switch your sync account.

Google Chrome Sync update macro shot (cropped)
Google Chrome Sync update macro shot (cropped)

The latest Chrome update brings Google's browser to version 16, and adds multiple sign-in support to the Chrome sync feature. In the same vein as Xmarks or Firefox Sync, Google's cloud-based sync feature saves your bookmarks, apps, settings, and more across all your devices, but previous versions of Chrome forced you to sign out of your browser to switch your sync account.

Now, you have the option of quickly switching from Preferences, the Users menu in the menubar, and the user icon to the right of your tabs. Note: multiple accounts is far from secure. Once you've logged in, changing accounts can take as few as two clicks, and more importantly, it doesn't require any sort of password entry. Still, it's a welcome addition for anyone sharing a family computer or users needing to quickly jump between personal and work accounts.