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'Other OS' class action lawsuit against Sony dismissed

'Other OS' class action lawsuit against Sony dismissed


A judge dismissed the class action lawsuit against Sony that was based on the removal of Other OS funtionality from the PlayStation 3 last March.

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When Sony removed the "Other OS" ability from the PlayStation 3 in March last year, some users put together a class action lawsuit based on their right to keep the features the console had when they bought it. That lawsuit has now been dismissed because the judge was not convinced that the angry gamers had a case. Although users were forced to choose between Other OS and the latest updates that allowed continued PlayStation Network access, Judge Seeborg said they never had a legal right to ongoing PSN service in the first place — giving up Other OS in order to keep PSN was a choice individual users made, not Sony. The judge isn't allowing the complaint to be amended either, so this looks like the end of the road. It's disappointing, but Sony probably wasn't going to bring back Other OS even if the case had gone the other way.