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Apple's newest intern has great ideas for iOS Notification Center

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Apple has hired a new intern, Jan-Michael Cart, who was best known for posting compelling concept videos on how the user interface on iOS could be improved.

jan-michael cart ios notification concept 600
jan-michael cart ios notification concept 600

Apple finally added some robust notification management to iOS 5 with Notification Center. Though it's a big step forward, there are still plenty of ways that we could see it improved: more widgets, an easy way to dismiss individual notifications, and status bar indicators all come to mind. University of Georgia student Jan-Michael Cart has some of the same ideas and has been posting videos demonstrating some proposed UI tweaks for iOS 5. Apparently Apple enjoys the videos as much as we do, as Cart has been hired as a UI / UX Design intern. It's not the first time that Apple has hired from the community — the developer of the jailbreak app MobileNotifier, Petar Hajas, was hired as an intern last May.

We don't know if we should expect the sort of UI enhancements detailed in Cart's video below, but we wouldn't complain at all if Apple decided to implement something like them.