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Lantronix xPrintServer adds AirPrint to your favorite printer

Lantronix xPrintServer adds AirPrint to your favorite printer


Lantronix has launched the xPrintServer — a unit that enables you to print from iOS devices to any network-connected printer.

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Totally tied to that old Lexmark? Or can't bear to let your Epson go? Whatever your reason not to pick up a new AirPrint-enabled printer, if you work on an iPhone or iPad regularly, you'll be missing out on being able to print direct from your device. Lantronix is looking to change that, though, with the introduction of its new xPrintServer. The device is roughly the same size as an iPhone, with ports for Ethernet and power. Once plugged in to your wired network, the xPrintServer will show all available Ethernet-connected printers to your iOS devices, allowing you to send documents to them directly. Lantronix says that USB printers are not currently supported. Configuration's done via a desktop web browser, meaning you don't need any extra software.

While this might sound exactly like what some of you are looking for, there's just one snag — the price. Lantronix is asking $149.99 for the tiny adapter, which is more than some of HP's iOS-friendly printers alone. Companies will likely see this expense as justifiable given the relatively high cost of shared office printers. However, Lantronix seems to be targeting home users, too, where sending the files to your computer first probably isn't too much of a hardship.