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Tabstrummer programmable MIDI controller takes the complexity out of playing guitar

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The Tabstrummer is a programmable MIDI controller which functions as a musical instrument.


Learning to play an instrument like the guitar is rewarding and fun, but it's also time consuming and hard: you can't just run out to the store, buy an axe, then rush home and immediately start jamming out licks. Tabstrummer tries to take some of the work out of that, with cool but unexpected results. The Tabstrummer is a DIY programmable MIDI controller with 12 programmable memory buttons where you can store your "chords," and six "strings" made of touch-sensitive PCB traces. The 12 memory buttons can also be mapped to store up to 300 songs in the Tabstrummer's internal memory. The result is an instrument which greatly simplifies the process of playing a song on the guitar, but also simplifies and alters the output, as well. It's not exactly the kind of sound to get the crowd moving, but it's a place to start.