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Mac App Store's 100 million downloads clarified: one counted per account, Lion sales not included

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Apple has confirmed to The Loop that the 100 million downloads from the Mac App Store are counted per account only — and Lion sales are not included.

Mac App Store
Mac App Store

Apple recently announced that 100 million apps have been downloaded from the Mac App Store, and while that doesn't hold a candle to its iOS sibling (18 billion at last count), some clarified details make the number sound a little sweeter. Cupertino confirmed to The Loop that the 100 million figure consists of per-account downloads only: if a Mac owner bought an app on one machine, and then downloaded it on a second computer with the same account, only one download was tallied. Additionally, the 6 million copies of OS X Lion sold aren't included, nor are software updates. With Mac sales up 26 percent this past quarter and the holiday season right ahead, we wouldn't be surprised to see this number get a huge bump in the coming months.