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Take your Scrabble game to the next level by hacking the two letter word list

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Scrabble players attempts to memorize the two letter word list

Scrabble on iPhone
Scrabble on iPhone

Any Scrabble player who has graduated beyond the lowest of levels quickly encounters the problem of the two letter word list: an essential, and large list of 124 words (101 if you play in the US) which need to be memorized and tracked as the game progresses in order to make use of all your tiles and win the game. Well, Scrabble player and blogger Zephod is working on a way of hacking together a nice list of mnemonic devices which might help you along in your quest to memorize the whole list, using a Python script based on some observations he's made of Wolphram Alpha. Sound interesting? It is. It's still a work in progress, but the formula is there so we expect it to be a fully functional list any day now.