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T-Mobile's Nokia Lumia 710 is official, $49.99 on January 11th

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Nokia has released full details of the Lumia 710 it will be launching on T-Mobile USA.

Ahead of an event taking place later today in New York City, Nokia's press site has released a full data sheet and images for T-Mobile's upcoming Lumia 710. The device is largely stock — seeing how it's Windows Phone — but there's a T-Mobile logo silkscreened toward the bottom of the front and it'll come preloaded with Nokia Drive, The Weather Channel, ESPN, Netflix, App Highlights, T-Mobile TV, My Account, Slacker Radio, and TeleNav GPS. Color choices appear to be all white and all black, though the 710 can be mixed and matched with accessory battery covers to spice things up. Look for it to launch at a rather aggressive price point — $49.99 on contract — on January 11th.