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Possible Nokia 803 drawing hints at huge camera

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An drawing of what is being called the Nokia 803 has leaked in what could be a first look at Nokia's new flagship cameraphone.

Possible Nokia 803 Leaked Manual Image
Possible Nokia 803 Leaked Manual Image

An illustration of what is purportedly called the Nokia 803 has leaked — and it might be packing an impressive camera. PocketNow has obtained a preliminary user manual for the Symbian-Belle-powered device, and while details are slim — the only information gleaned was that the phone would include NFC, and HDMI and DLNA connectivity — the site thinks the device lines up nicely with rumors of an N8 successor coming early next year. That new phone is said to include a 3.5-inch WVGA screen, 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, and an optical-zoom camera with a sensor even larger than the N8's heralded 12-megapixel shooter.

The substantial bump visible on the back of the so-called 803 may indicate an impressive camera. To our eyes, however, the phone has a design sensibility more in line with the Nokia 700 — complete with what appear to be physical call buttons — rather than Nokia's previous flagship cameraphone (much less the new N9). Still, for Symbian fans, any new device is a cause for celebration.