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TeleNav launches free navigation web app, wants to put maps everywhere

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TeleNav has announced its new GPS navigation HTML5 app, which gives consumers free access to its location services from any browser, and can be easily be integrated in mobile websites and apps.

TeleNav HTML5
TeleNav HTML5

TeleNav's making a bigger push into location services with its free GPS navigation HTML5 app. Like Nokia Maps, consumers will be able to access turn-by-turn navigation from any browser, but more importantly, developers can easily integrate TeleNav GPS into mobile websites and apps — TeleNav says it just takes one line of code. It's an interesting idea that promises integrated one-click access to turn-by-turn navigation in all sort of apps - Android users currently have to switch apps, and there's obviously no integrated navigation in iOS or Windows Phone at all. TeleNav expects the service to launch in early 2012, and is currently taking applications for early developer access.