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Hipstamatic D-Series group photography app hits iOS tomorrow

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Hipstamatic will launch its Disposable Series group photography app tomorrow, December 15th.

Instagram Disposable Series
Instagram Disposable Series

Synthetic is an iOS developer that has experienced a fair bit of success on the platform. You're no doubt familiar with Hipstamatic — the toy camera-inspired app was once the de facto choice for vintage effects, allowing users to choose from a variety of films, lenses, and flashes to achieve that special look that has since become ubiquitous with iPhone photography. Then Instagram came along, offering largely the same functionality while simultaneously acting as its own social network. It has long since eclipsed Hipstamatic with a user base that currently stands at over 13 million.

It's no surprise then that Synthetic's next project, Hipstamatic D-Series (short for Disposable Series), places a heavier emphasis on the sharing and communal aspects of photography. It's best described as a digital take on an instant camera you'd purchase at the local convenience store and take on a trip with friends or family. You're given 24 shots to work with in each "roll", and will need to wait until that allotment has been used, either by yourself or as a group effort with those you invite to take part, before viewing the results — an approach that comes in stark contrast to the instant gratification offered by competitors. At the end of a roll, participants receive a push notification along with all photos taken, which can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and yes, even Instagram. Best of all? The app will be free when it launches tomorrow, though in-app purchases will be available out of the gate, much like with Hipstamatic.