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Asus reports Transformer Prime delay for Italy — end of January, no 3G, Android 4 pre-installed

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Asus Italy announced that the company's Transformer Prime tablet will be delayed until the end of January 2012 in that country. The 3G model will not be available in Italy, and the Transformer Prime will be pre-installed with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich when it arrives in stores, the company said.

Transformer Prime ICS
Transformer Prime ICS

Asus Italy has reported on its Facebook page that the Transformer Prime won't be making it in time for the Christmas shopping season, and when it does arrive at the end of January, it will be without 3G. In the post, Asus explains away the need for a 3G model at all, pointing to the wide availability of tethering on Android phones, before adding that Ice Cream Sandwich will come preloaded when the tablet eventually launches, "provided that there are no delays from Google." Google released the Android 4.0 source code a month ago, so we're not really sure what could prevent Asus from shipping it in January. While the delay shouldn't affect the American release — the last we heard Asus was sticking to its "week of December 19th" target — the setback in Italy could be part of a wider holdup across Europe.