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French President Sarkozy's residence implicated in torrenting scandal

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Several files appear to have been illegally torrented at French President Nichlas Sarkozy's residence.

Nicholas Sarkozy White House Press Photo
Nicholas Sarkozy White House Press Photo

French President Nicholas Sarkozy is well known for taking a rather harsh stance on piracy and file-sharing, but now it's possible he's going to take some serious heat of his own for just that issue. IP addresses apparently assigned to the Élysée Palace, Sarkozy's official residence, have shown evidence of having BitTorrented a total of six files, including The Beach Boys' Greatest Hits.

This stunning information was discovered using, a service the likes of which have been criticized by filesharing sympathizers since collection methods are not disclosed. Services like this, however, are widely used by anti-filesharing outlets to identify offenders. The Sarkozy government advocates the country's three file strikes system, but, as mentioned above, somebody in the Presidential residence has embarrassingly downloaded at least double that.

Photo via White House