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Sony Ericsson releases Android 4.0 preview ROMs for Xperia Ray, Arc S, and Neo V

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Sony Ericsson has released "alpha" versions of its Android 4.0 update for the Xperia Arc S, Neo V, and Ray handsets.

Sony Ericsson Android 4.0 preview ROM
Sony Ericsson Android 4.0 preview ROM

Once a laggard in the Android update race, Sony Ericsson is flexing its muscle today by releasing alpha-quality Ice Cream Sandwich updates for its Xperia Arc S, Neo V, and Ray models. Though that's extremely cool (and well ahead of the expected releases early next year), average users are going to want to steer well clear of these for now, particularly if you're using the phone as your day-to-day device — the modem, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth are all disabled at present. That said, the ROMs give us a pretty good idea of how Sony Ericsson plans to position its skin in the ICS framework, and it's also a tremendous sign of openness toward the Android enthusiast community — heck, they're even encouraging users to visit a thread on xda-developers to discuss the builds. Hopefully, other top-tier manufacturers are going to follow suit with this kind of thing.