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iTunes Match live in UK, reported to be working in many other countries

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Apple's iTunes Match international rollout is taking place today, December 15th.

itunes match uk
itunes match uk

The UK iTunes Store has been updated with a new link to iTunes Match on its right rail, where you can subscribe to the music-matching service in exchange for £21.99 per year. Match launched in the US almost exactly a month ago, alongside a new version of iTunes and its rollout to the UK is also accompanied by an update to the underlying software. You'll need version 10.5.2 to get things going. We're getting some sign-in errors while trying to use the service, so maybe not quite everything is in place for its launch, but it's there and should be live and fully functional imminently. To give it a try yourself, launch the latest version of iTunes and follow the onscreen instructions.

Our commenters have also got Match working in Canada now, while a casual browsing of Twitter activity on the topic reveals similar happy reports from Mexico, Germany, France, Australia, and other locales. So the iTunes Match international rollout is well and truly on.