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Square Enix Members site possibly hacked, up to 1.8m users' information compromised

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Square Enix's free Members service is currently down after experiencing a security breach. Although there is "no possibility" of credit card information having been taken, data of up to 1.8 million users in North America and Japan may have been compromised.

square enix members
square enix members

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix appears to have suffered a hacking attack for the second time this year. The official fan site Square Enix Members is currently down for "maintenance," with a statement saying that one of the servers used by the free service in North America and Japan may have been compromised. Although the site doesn't store any credit card information and there is "no possibility" of it having been taken, a spokesperson reportedly said that the breach could affect up to 800,000 members in North America and a million in Japan, while the 300,000 users in Europe appear to be safe. Square Enix says it's currently investigating and promises to keep us updated, but in the meantime concerned members that keep similar login details across multiple sites might want to change their passwords.