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Apple's A5 processors made on $3.6 billion Samsung production line in Texas, says Reuters

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A report from Reuters reveals that Apple's A5 processors are being made on a $3.6 billion production line in Samsung's factory in Austin, Texas, which reached full capacity earlier this month.

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Samsung's factory in Austin, Texas has been operational since 1996, and until recently only produced NAND flash memory chips. However, a report from Reuters published today suggests that the factory is also responsible for Apple's A5 processor, used in both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. According to Reuters' sources, Samsung has invested in a new $3.6 billion production line with over 1,100 staff which reached capacity earlier this month, and Apple accounts for almost all of the non-flash output of the factory. While producing the chips in the US and assembling the handsets in China might seem like an inefficient decision, Apple's rumored assembly lines in Brazil makes the Texan plant more central. Both Samsung and Apple have declined to comment on the matter, though Samsung confirmed that logic chips are made at the plant.