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The Vergecast 006: Galaxy Nexus comes to Verizon, Ice Cream Sandwich

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The Vergecast, episode 006


It is Friday. You have had a week. One of those of weeks that hits you between the eyes like a bad Ash Wednesday joke, drives an 18-wheeler through your carpal tunnels into the next dimension, finds you left out of the silliest "women drivers" image-enhanced forward everyone else in the cube farm and your extended family has received, you found out how many calories are in french fries, and the FedEx guy left your triple-180gm virgin vinyl edition of J. Bieber's "Under the Mistletoe" on your front porch in the freezing rain. What do you do? RELAX... with the Vergecast. Strap on a cold one and leave the italics to the dudes who are both on the verge and behind the microphones at the same time.

Song: Standby Ghost - Fall Into the Light