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Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 available now for $49.99

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Microsoft's Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 is available now for $49.99

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Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000
Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000

Microsoft has released the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000 designed for use with tablets and other mobile devices — it's basically the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 minus the number pad, cutting $40 off the price. Don't be fooled by the system requirements of Windows 7 or Mac OS X; this keyboard will work just fine with iOS and Android, too. It runs on two included AAA batteries, has a power switch and an auto-off function to conserve battery life, and features a Comfort Curve design so you don't hurt yourself when you're burning the mobile midnight oil. While it's probably not going to help you sleep while your beds are burning, it should be a solid mobile keyboard like the 6000 before it. You can buy one now for the mid-range price of $49.99.