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HP rebuffs rumored brand redesign

HP rebuffs rumored brand redesign


HP has issued a statement denying reports that it is planning rebrand with a new minimal logo, saying that the photos seen earlier this week were part of a concept developed in 2008 that will not be followed through.

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Remember that sleek, minimal new HP logo that we saw a couple of days ago? HP's said that's not going to happen. A company spokesman told Brand New that:

In 2008, HP asked marketing agency Moving Brands to propose new ideas for various elements of HP’s brand identity, including fonts, graphics, and logos. HP is one of the world’s most valuable brands and has no plans to adopt the new logo proposed by Moving Brands. HP did implement some of the other design elements shown in the case study.

It seems that HP wasn't best pleased by the rumors circulating, as the videos showing elements of the redesign have now been set to private. Moving Brands's own website explains that the HP case study has been temporarily removed in order to better distinguish between the ideas which were floated as part of its creative vision for HP, and those which were implemented into the computer giant's current brand strategy. Personally, we're a little disappointed — we certainly appreciate the sharp design that could have acted as a figurehead to HP's latest and greatest.