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Britney Spears makes Google+ relevant with a million followers

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Britney Spears is the first to pass the milestone of 1 million followers on Google+.

Spears +1
Spears +1

Britney Spears has become the first to reach the milestone of one million followers on Google+, and she just keeps going with 1,002,644 followers at the time of writing — that's pretty good evidence that at least that many people are using the new social network. Mountain View has been pushing Google+ pretty hard, integrating it into YouTube, Gmail, Reader, and more — you just can't avoid it like you could with Buzz. Spears is trailed by Larry Page (901,712 followers) and Google+'s "spiritual advisor" Snoop Dogg (844,584) — Rebecca Black (Google's 2011 top search) isn't even ranked, but we can only imagine how much the new network would blow up if she and the real Justin Bieber joined.