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Nexus S getting Android 4.0 starting today, GSM models first

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Google has announced that the Nexus S will begin receiving Android 4.0 over the air starting today.

nexus s ice cream sandwich
nexus s ice cream sandwich

It's undoubtedly been a tough wait for Nexus S customers watching the Galaxy Nexus deploy on three continents over the last few weeks with Android 4.0 on board — but all things considered, the wait won't be a long one, particularly considering that the new model just launched for the first time in the US yesterday. Google has just announced that the Nexus S — Gingerbread's premiere device back in November of last year — will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich over-the-air starting today and proceeding over the course of the coming month. As always, it's going to be a rolling release (though we imagine it won't take very long for the Android community to suss out the upgrade file and provide a direct link). GSM models come first, while users of Sprint's Nexus S 4G will need to wait a little more, but all indications are that it shouldn't be long.