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Nikon D800 specs leaked: 36-megapixel sensor, ISO 25600?

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Nikon's D800 still hasn't hit the market, but its specs are slowly being revealed, including a 36-megapixel sensor and ISO capabilities up to 25600.

Nikon D800
Nikon D800

We've been waiting for the Nikon D800 for a long time, and though we still don't know when it's coming, we've good a pretty good idea of what it'll look like. Nikon Rumors reports that it's "99 percent confident" that the D800's spec list includes a 36-megapixel sensor capable of shooting photos at a ridiculous 7,360 x 4,912 resolution, plus 1080p (30 / 25 / 24) and 720p (60 / 30 / 25 / 24) video recording. It will also reportedly have Nikon's Expeed 3 processor, the same one in Nikon's new 1 Series of shooters. It should keep the same 51 points of autofocus as the D700, but will have an LCD larger than 3 inches, all on a body that's smaller and lighter than the D700. Among the details missing, unfortunately, is when the D800 might finally be available and how much it might cost, though we've been hearing it will run ¥300,000 ($3,900) when it's released in Japan.

We've heard most of these specs before, but it looks like these are the real deal, and though the D800 isn't quite as epic as the D4 we've been hearing rumblings about, it sounds like it's still going to be worth the wait.