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KLM to let airline travelers choose seating partners based on social media profiles

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Dutch airline KLM has announced a new program that will let air travelers choose their seating partners based on each other's online social media profiles.

Empty Airplane Seats
Empty Airplane Seats

Dutch airline KLM is taking some of the surprise out of air travel with Meet & Seat, a new program that will let passengers pick who they sit next to using social networking tools. According to International Business Times, travelers will be able to link their flight check-in information to their existing online profiles. Details are still thin, but the intention is to let users evaluate other participants in the program and pick a seatmate with common interests.

This isn't the only attempt at bridging the gap between online and in-flight interactions. Malaysia Airlines launched a Facebook-based flight booking and sharing tool back in March, which allows users to see where their Facebook friends are sitting on a given flight, and Virgin Atlantic is reportedly interested in a similar program. KLM will be launching Meet & Seat at the beginning of 2012, but the privacy-conscious needn't worry: the airline has already confirmed the service will be opt-in only.

Image credit: WexDub (Flickr)