Whether you're ready or not, Facebook has begun the Timeline rollout, and your lowly, simple profile page will soon be transformed into a glorious two-column scrapbook documenting every facet of your digital life. It's the most radical change in the history of the site, so unless you opt to shut down your account, we recommend going into this with the knowledge of what to expect and how to deal with it, whether or not you agree with Zuckerberg that a life-spanning scrapbook best represents humans in the digital age.

Wired reports that the project initially grew out of the "Memories" hack, an idea developed at one of Facebook's spring 2011 hackathons. Timeline represents a desire to give you a "rapid-fire summary of all the best things that happened to" you in the course of a year. Designer Nicholas Felton, known for his own delightfully thorough infographics and personal reports tracking everything from friends and relationships to workouts and coffee consumption, joined Facebook and helped to spearhead this new design that brings a bit of that attention to detail to your daily life. Remember the uproar that happened when Facebook flipped on News Feed in 2006 for the first time, revealing all of your friends' updates in one, easily-consumable feed? This is even bigger.