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RIM BlackBerry App World 3.1 update adds 'Request Gift'

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RIM has released BlackBerry App World 3.1, an update to its mobile app store, including "Request Gift" and new content ratings.


If you're a broke BlackBerry user with an app addiction, we've got some good news — RIM has launched BlackBerry App World 3.1, making it easier to tell your BBM contacts what you want, and easier for them to buy it for you. "Request Gift," a new feature in 3.1, allows you to notify a BBM contact if there’s an app you have your eye on, then allows them to buy it for you "if they choose," but we're keeping our fingers crossed for mandatory gift requests in 3.2. The second significant change is content rating and filtering, which would allow parents to block "adult" or "mature" content from someone's special Christmas BlackBerry, for instance. The rating scheme RIM is using is not the CTIA/ESRB one we reported on last month, but very similar. If you're a BlackBerry user eager to get your gift requests in, but haven’t received a notification to download App World 3.1 yet, you can grab it directly from the source link below.