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Google+ adds Circles volume slider, updates notifications, Pages, and photos

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Google Plus for Android
Google Plus for Android

Google's announced that Google+ will receive some new improvements over the next couple of days, including refined activity stream controls, more detailed notifications, a new photo lightbox, and a few changes to Google+ Pages. First, the new stream controls, which Google calls a "volume slider" for your Circles, will allow users to adjust a slider to determine how much activity they'd like to see from specific people in their stream (Facebook already provides this, but not in the form of a slider). Next, Google's added more information to notifications, including the number of +1s and shares your posts have received. The photo feature's gotten a little more attention, with a new black lightbox, photo tagging, and design tweaks to improve legibility.

Google also says it's adding the three most highly requested features to Google+ Pages — support for up to 50 administrators for a page, a new notification flow, and a combined count of users that +1 the page and add it to Circles.